Fron the Other Side of Reason. New Zealand’s Other Side of Music (1981​-​present)

by Morgan Howie

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1980 - The Enemy/Toy Love. Pull Down the Shades. "Toy Love" LP, Deluxe.
1980 - The Gordons. Adults And Children. "Future Shock" ‎(7inch, EP), self released.
1981 - The Clean. Tally Ho!. Tally Ho!, 7inch, Flying Nun.
1981 - The Clean. Anything Could Happen. "Boodle, Boodle, Boodle", 12inch EP, Flying Nun.
1981 - The Clean. Point That Thing Somewhere Else. "Boodle, Boodle, Boodle", 12inch EP, Flying Nun.
1981 - the Playthings. Sit Down (Stand Up). "Coloured" 7 inch, Flying Nun.
1982 - Bill Bireen and the Builders. Wanganui With A White Face. Beatin Hearts, Flying Nun.
1983 - Above Ground. Magpies. "Gone Aiwa", cassette self release.
1984 - The Verlaines. Pyromaniac. "10 O'Clock In The Afternoon" EP, Flying Nun.
1984 - The Chills. Pink Frost. "Pink Frost", 7 inch, Flying Nun.
1985 - The Weeds. Wheatfields. "Wheatfields", 7 inch, Flying Nun.
1986 - Alpaca Brothers. Its No Joke. "Legless" EP,Flying Nun.
1986 - Look Blue Go Purple. As Does the Sun. "Bewitched"12inch EP, Flying Nun.
1986 - Able Tasmans. What Was That Thing?. "A Cuppa Tea and A Lie Down" LP, Flying Nun Europe.
1986 - The Puddle. Junk. "Pop Lib", 12inch, Flying Nun.
1987 - The Bats. North By North. "Daddy's Highway" LP, Flying Nun.
1987 - The Rip. Wrecked Wee Hymn. "Stormed Port", 12 inch, Flying Nun.
1987 - The Dead C. The Wheel. "DR503" LP, Flying Nun.
1987 - Skeptics. Affco. "III" LP, Flying Nun.
1988 - Bailter Space. Titan. "Tanker" LP, Flying Nun.
1988 - Snapper. Buddy. "Snapper" EP, Flying Nun.
1989 - Peter Gutteridge. Ocean. "Pure" Cassette, Xpressway.
1990 - The Terminals. Uncoffined. “Uncoffined”, Flying Nun.
1990 - Peter Jefferies. The Other Side Of Reason. "The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World", Xpressway.
1990 - The Clean. Some One. "Vehicle", Flying Nun.
1991 - Tall Dwarfs. The Slide. “Fork Songs”, Flying Nun.
1991 - Jean-Paul Sartre Experience. Flex. "Elemental/ Flex", 12 inch EP Communion.
2011 - The Cakekitchen. It Don't Work Out. "Kangaroos In My Top Paddock",LP, Violet Times.
2008 - The Bats. The Orchard. "The Guilty Office", LP, Yesboyicecream.
(Background Music) 1996 - The Cakekitchen. Old Grey Coast. "The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" LP ,Merge.


released January 31, 2014




Martes GuaGua Santander, Spain

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